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About Us

Founded in 2001 by Philip Reizenstein and Jackie Woodward, we are a team of lawyers dedicated to providing the very best in criminal defense to clients who need us.

We are guided by a few principles that have formed the core of our firm:

Personalized Service. Clients have our cell phones. We respond to calls and emails and questions and sometimes we are just there to help you through the tough times that any criminal prosecution brings.

The Best Defense: For some, criminal defense is a business. For us, it is a passion. And we know from experience that with passion comes success for our clients and success for our firm. We strive every day and in every case to bring a combined fifty years of experience to get the very best result for our clients.

A word about fees:

We operate in a competitive environment. When clients need a criminal defense attorney, they have many concerns, including how much will our services cost. There are many lawyers who take advantage of these fears and offer the client unrealistic promises about the result at a very low cost. The simple fact is that those lawyers see every client as part of their profit margin and once the fee is paid, the lawyer's interest is in having the client plead guilty as quickly as possible. Less work equals more profit.

We have a different approach.

When consulted about a case, we will design a fee structure that ensures that our motive is to get the best result for the client. If the best result is a negotiated plea, then the fee will be less than if the client wants to go to trial. At the beginning of the case, when the client is bewildered and looking for a lawyer, our prices will most likely not be the lowest. But at the end of the case, when the real issue is the result, the client will have confidence that we are motivated only by achieving the best result, and not looking to close the case quickly so we can move on to the next client.

We build relationships with clients that have lasted decades. What that means is that once we have resolved a client's case, they become our best form of advertising. This is how we have built our law firm: on long term success, not quick pleas where the client feels betrayed.

Come speak with us. We never charge for a consultation.