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Drug Possession

Florida divides Drug Possession crimes into two categories: possession and trafficking.
We commonly handle Drug Possession cases like possession of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine (meth), Ecstasy (Molly or MDMA or X), or heroin. For first time Drug Possession offenders, we can assist the client in placement in Miami Dade County's Drug Court. Miami created the first Drug Court in the nation, and Phil Reizenstein is honored to be a member of the board of directors of the Friends of Drug Court. The benefits to Drug Court are that for people who are arrested for a Drug Possession who need help and recovery, Drug Court will provide it. Once the client successfully completes Drug Court, the Drug Possession case is dismissed. Drug Court works!

In other Drug Possession cases, we will work with you to prepare a defense or to achieve a fair resolution. Drug Possession cases require the prosecution to prove that someone knowingly was in possession of a controlled substance. There are many ways to defend a Drug Possession case. For instance, if client was a passenger in a car or a visitor to a home where drugs were found, the law requires the prosecution to prove the client knew the car or the home had a controlled substance. By challenging the proof of knowledge (like the absence of fingerprints on a package containing drugs) we have successfully defended many clients charged with drug possession.

While Drug Possession cases rarely involve prison sentences, Drug Possession cases can have a lasting impact on a client. A Drug Possession felony conviction is treated like any other felony conviction. A Drug Possession conviction can result in the loss of civil rights like any other convicted felon.

If you are arrested for a Drug Possession case, speak to us. We have the experience to represent you and defend you on the Drug Possession charge.