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Leaving The Scene Of An Accident

Leaving The Scene Of An Accident case is often abbreviated in Florida courts by "LSA". Leaving The Scene Of An Accident is a misdemeanor unless there is an injury associated with the accident, at which point it becomes a felony case. For an explanation of the difference between felony and misdemeanor cases, please see our page Felony and misdemeanor cases.

Many times a Leaving The Scene Of An Accident case occurs because the client is confused about what to do after having a minor fender-bender, or because the client is elderly or frightened about stopping in the street to deal with a stranger. Younger drivers may panic after a first accident and drive away and call a friend or their parents instead of remaining at the scene. In those cases we commonly see that the client will drive home or a short distance to a safe place before calling the police.

In other cases a client's car will be involved in an accident and a tag number will be called into the police. In those Leaving The Scene Of An Accident investigations, the police will have to establish the IDENTITY of the client before arresting the client. It is very important in those cases that whether or not you were driving the car, that you speak with a lawyer before speaking with the police as they conduct the Leaving The Scene Of An Accident Investigation.

In misdemeanor cases clients face an array of possible penalties including a Suspended driver's license, probation, and community service. In Felony Leaving The Scene Of An Accident cases, depending on the severity of the injury, the sentencing guidelines could call for a prison sentence.

We provide a free consultation in all of our cases. if you have been charged with Leaving The Scene Of An Accident, or if the police have contacted you and stated that they "need" to speak with you, it is very important that you speak with an attorney first. We can protect your rights during any police investigation of a Leaving The Scene Of An Accident case

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